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BioGENE, Our Story

Hi! My name is PARIS Coleman, Managing Director & Owner of BioGENE. Like many of us, I’m the only daughter of aging parents. In addition to having a Bachelors degree in Business Administration, my career path [in part] followed my mother’s footsteps as I obtained credentialing as a nurse. 

As Mother & Daddy's health care proxies & patient advocates, I tirelessly follow them into the golden yrs of their lives as retired people of leisure & doting, active grandparents to my two beautiful nieces, "Gabs" & Chloe. 

Watching Mom & Papa manage the challenges of their chronic comorbidities accompanied by annoyingly painful symptoms. Watching them manage the challenges of polypharmacy and the unchecked realities of drug-drug interactions, watching them manage the frustrations of blindly taking drugs prescribed without insight other than what is supposed to happen based on a demographic group in a clinical trial, and this presumes that they don’t succumb to a drug’s unintended interactions or side effects. It is my refusal to continue watching Mother & Daddy struggle that brings me here. 

My company BioGENE was formed to help aging parents, healthcare consumers, clinicians navigate 21st-century healthcare milieu to use cutting-edge medical technology & the best use of available financial resources to give Mother, Daddy, everyone accesses to the best health care available, hence the best quality of life to two of the most important people in my life.


How Can BioGENE Help

BioGENE partners with genetic testing labs. We offer healthcare providers, urgent care centers & senior living facilities a value proposition & solution to the problem of medication management. 

Personalized medicine biometrics include prescription decisions & [if requested] hereditary cancer screening both covered by Medicare when prescribed by your doctor. 

Utilizing a collaborative approach with health care providers & medical directors to determine the specific needs of their patients. The goal is to reduce time, risk and to improve clinical outcomes by applying the principles of PRECISION, PERSONALIZED MEDICINE. 

The goal of pharmacogenetics is to understand the role that an individual’s genetic make-up plays in how well a medicine works, as well as what side effects are likely to occur. 

This metabolic DNA test is a simple service. If you can agree that pharmacogenomic testing is critically important to your patients, then you are ready. After all its about helping you prescribe the “Right Medication”, the “Right Dosage” on the “First Attempt”. 



Experience the Difference

Personalized medicine biometrics for Providers, Senior Living Facilities, Urgent Care Centers


  • Reduces exposure to prescription liability
  • Improves the quality of care
  • Enhance clinical reputation
  • Attract & retain patients - improve referrals
  • Decrease adverse drug reactions
  • Precision Prescribing - Eliminates drugs that patients will not metabolize 

What Is Pharmacogenetic (PGx) Testing?

Personalized Medicine is changing the way Physicians Prescribe medication to his/her patients.  PGx Testing short for Pharmacogenetics/ Pharmacogenomics, also known as Personalized Medicine is an Advanced Technology that gives physicians a more precise way to not only diagnose with science but now they can also treat based on your specific individual genetic makeup. Lend an ear to these incredible experts. 

Our Services

Completely Turn Key


Minimal changes to your offices workflow.


Test results are easy to INTERPRET & IMPLEMENT


Team BioGENE will provide you with a "Collaboration Binder". A metabolic DNA testing "resource guide". No one expects you to be geneticists. 

Personalized Medicine Biometric Services for Providers, Senior Living Facilities & Urgent Care Centers


The goal of pharmacogenetics is to understand the role that an individual’s genetic make up plays in how well a medicine works, as well as what side effects are likely to occur in the individual’s body.  


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